Brighthouse financial. a new look for annuities. 

SoOcii. Helping a security software spinoff transform into a mobile gaming powerhouse. 

INTEL CLEAR. a custom typeface designed for the digital age. 


VIVIAL. A new identity for a new group of companies.


Intel brand book. delivering the energy and authenticity of a new visual identity. 


FREE ARTS NYC. A collaboration with dozens of nyc designers for a worthy cause.


ACER. A brand evolution and a full spectrum of design for every touchpoint.  


CoorsTek. A refined identity to deliver technical precision and elegance. 


City of Santa Clara. Designing and refining a bold new look for a city with remarkable heritage. 

You on demand. And entirely new name and identity to introduce an entirely new market category.  

Lisa sanders. identity and collateral to remind clients why PR is so important.