Happy Friday!

Mattress start-up Casper is proving that it is indeed "the best mattress for everyone" – including your dog.

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Happy Friday! Here's a look at what's been inspiring us in the studio this week.


Each page of this puzzle book must be solved before the page can be turned.

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This article was originally published on Glossy.co, a publication of Digiday, written by Tanya Dua. 

The coolest shoe on the street is a 44-year-old from an earlier era.

The Adidas Stan Smith seems suddenly ubiquitous, and is enjoying a hip quotient it hasn’t had since its namesake was a top tennis star. (Quick: Find the nearest cool kid wearing Stan Smiths and ask them if they know who Stan Smith is.)

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This article was originally published on Campaign US, written by Joan Voight. 

The social media platform for neighborhoods will launch its first ad program this month

By day, brand strategist Tom Bernthal is the CEO of Kelton Global, but when he goes home to Westchester, California in the evening he’s just another busy suburbanite. When he wants to catch up with things like his neighbors’ dispute with an errant developer, he turns to Nextdoor, a six-year-old hyperlocal social network that’s quietly grown to include about 106,000 neighborhoods in the U.S.

If you haven’t heard of it, you’re not alone. Nextdoor functions like a Facebook-Twitter hybrid that is made up of private neighborhood groups. Only people who reside in a specific neighborhood can join a neighborhood group and only its members can view each other’s posts. To join the network, users have to sign in with their real names and verify their address. It takes 10 neighbors to start a group, and some groups include several hundred members. The company does not disclose its membership numbers, but some estimates have put the number at close to 10 million registered users. And it is growing fast.

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Happy Friday! Take a look what's been inspiring us around the studio this week. 

Sage Platform is a company that turns nutritional labels into data visualizations, so consumers can make better food decisions.

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IntelligentX is the world's first smart suds. It's brewed by AI that determines consumers' beer preferences and brews accordingly.

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Happy Friday! Take a look at what's been inspiring us around the studio this week. 

The new Soho Sonos store (say that 10 times fast) is designed to look and sound like your home.

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Wimbledon attendees can sip on selfie cappuccinos this year.

Look closely - one of these is a Rembrandt, and the other is constructed out of Adobe stock images.

Spector is like Shazam but for fonts and colors – it's a handheld device that can detect elements in the real world and translate them into InDesign.

Artist Cindy Chinn creates intricate sculptures out of pencils. So on point.

An ad for Smith & Forge hard cider has been watched over 50 million times in the past week.

These books are judged by their cover: take a look at the 50 winners of the AIGA 50 Books | 50 Covers competition.

A photographer captures very famous landmarks from not-so-famous perspectives. How many can you identify?


Snapchat launched Memories this week, allowing users to save snaps to view and repost at a later time.


A professional prankster left a series of official-looking signage at the L.A. zoo.

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Kellogg's is opening a cereal bar in Times Square that will serve cereal delicacies such as Rice Krispies with green tea powder and fresh strawberries.

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