The One Club is the world's foremost non-profit organization devoted to elevating creative work in the advertising industry. The One Show annually showcases the world's best work, and this year Red Peak is in the running for the A to Z Project, a re-branding initiative for arts education non-profit Free Arts. We are excited and honored to be included in this year's nominees. 

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To celebrate today's beautiful weather and the advent of summer (finally), RP Associate Creative Director Jodie Wightman whipped up some Pimm's cups for the office. A traditional British treat, the Pimm's cup consists of Pimm's No.1, fresh mint, strawberries, and a dash of Sprite, and is best served on the rocks. Bright and colorful and oh so refreshing, it's the perfect cocktail on a warm, sunny day like today. Thanks Jodie!

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Red Peak CEO James Fox seen here chairing a discussion about brand strategy and growth at this year's FUSE Conference, the world's most respected conference in the brand strategy and design community. Way to go, Mr. Fox!


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World Series MVP David Ortiz recently posted a photo of himself with the president using his Samsung phone and the White House is calling foul play. Obama's Press Secretary Jay Carney said, "As a rule the White House objects to attempts to use the president's likeness for commercial purposes." Samsung pulled a similar stunt at the Oscars, getting host Ellen Degeneres to post selfies with a A-list stars, part of a larger attempt by the brand to weave itself into pop culture and conversations. "Brands understand they have to create conversations to engage consumers today," said James Fox. "Stunts like this – even controversial ones – gets them talked about." Read the rest of WSJ article here.

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So-called "Millennials" are on track to have the most spending power of any generation in history by 2018, so it's more important than ever to understand what makes them tick. Michael Birkin, Red Peak's Founder understands that as the "connected generation," millennials are constantly in communication with each other about everything, including brands, and form their opinions about brands based on word of mouth. "The importance of word of mouth is greater than it's ever been," says Birkin, "and word of mouth means something very different in today's world." Read more of what Birkin had to say in this piece by Marketing Magazine.

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Sipho Mabona is a man of his word. After raising nearly $26,000 on Indigogo, the artist followed through on his promise to fold a life-size elephant from a single giant sheet of paper. Not an easy undertaking. Erecting the 10-foot-tall structure took months of planning, four weeks of feverish folding by a team of twelve and, most likely, several bottles of Advil for hand cramps. The final sculpture is on view at KKLB in Beromünster, Switzerland. Watch the elephant come slowly to life in this video. It's mesmerizing!

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05 March 2014

Reebok Reboots

Let's be honest, Reebok peaked in the 80s. Who didn't own a pair of futuristic Reebok Pumps? But the brand has since been eclipsed by Nike and Adidas.

A major effort is underway to make Reebok profitable again by focusing away from sports and towards fitness. Reebok has seen particular adoption by the CrossFit community, prompting the recent launch of Reebok CrossFit, a line of sportswear for CrossFit athletes (think extra sturdy trainers and spandex). The new line is the first to feature the all new "Delta" logo, a symbol of the positive and transformative effect that fitness can have on a person's life. Says CMO Matt O'Toole, "The new brand mark signals a clear purpose for our brand and it will badge for those who pursue a fuller life through fitness." Seems like a smart move in our increasingly exercise-obsessed culture.

Can Reebok get its groove back? Stay tuned.

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25 February 2014

Red Peak Wins Big

Red Peak is the proud winner of not one but two big design awards for 2013.

Just a few weeks ago, The Type Directors Club declared Red Peak a Communications Winner for the clever mailer (shown above on the left) and posters created for Lisa Sanders Public Relations. Featuring witty copy by Nate Dwyer and eye-catching graphics by Ryan Adair and Yongjoon Cho, the work done for LSPR truly stands out in the fiercely competitive world of Public Relations.

Soon thereafter, the Art Directors Club awarded Red Peak a Bronze for the Free Arts identity system (stationary pictured above on the right), launched in November of 2013 to great acclaim. The brainchild of designer Jodie Wightman, Red Peak commissioned an alphabet made up of letters designed by some of the world's most renowned artists, including James Nares, Catherine Malandrino and Diane von Furstenberg, to name just a few. The resulting identity system is a bright and joyful testament to the importance of arts education.

Congratulations to the entire team at Red Peak and to our partners at LSPR and Free Arts. May 2014 bring more awards to add to our growing collection!

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The Family Dinner Project is a non-profit whose mission is to bring families to the table for food and fun meaningful conversation. Research shows that when families connect, it makes a lasting positive impact. Partnering with family-friendly brand Cheerios made perfect sense.

The Family Breakfast Project is a major part of the newly redesigned site offers simple, fun ideas to help families make time to have breakfast together such as “what I love about you” place mats – each family member writes what they love about each person. John Sarrouf, the director of FDP said, “With Cheerios, we’ve created this partnership that really is meant to give parents an opportunity to rethink their morning in a way to make families feel more connected.”

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12 February 2014

Turning Fonts Into Frames

A Japanese designer created a new line of eyeglasses inspired by two of the world’s most famous fonts. Cleverly named Type, the new line offers two styles, Helvetica and Garamond, both of which come in three weights: light, regular and bold.

Like the font, the Helvetica glasses are simple yet elegant. The character of Helvetica’s ascenders, spines, and terminals is mirrored in the bridge, temples and fronts of the frame. Garamond font is known for its round, pronounced design, so these glasses look more like something Harry Potter might wear. The link and ear of the Garamond ‘g’ is mirrored exactly in the frame end pieces and temple covers.

If your favorite font isn’t either of these, you’re in luck, because Type is adding more styles in the coming months.

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