IntelligentX is the world's first smart suds. It's brewed by AI that determines consumers' beer preferences and brews accordingly.

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Happy Friday! Take a look at what's been inspiring us around the studio this week. 

The new Soho Sonos store (say that 10 times fast) is designed to look and sound like your home.

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Wimbledon attendees can sip on selfie cappuccinos this year.

Look closely - one of these is a Rembrandt, and the other is constructed out of Adobe stock images.

Spector is like Shazam but for fonts and colors – it's a handheld device that can detect elements in the real world and translate them into InDesign.

Artist Cindy Chinn creates intricate sculptures out of pencils. So on point.

An ad for Smith & Forge hard cider has been watched over 50 million times in the past week.

These books are judged by their cover: take a look at the 50 winners of the AIGA 50 Books | 50 Covers competition.

A photographer captures very famous landmarks from not-so-famous perspectives. How many can you identify?


Snapchat launched Memories this week, allowing users to save snaps to view and repost at a later time.


A professional prankster left a series of official-looking signage at the L.A. zoo.

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Kellogg's is opening a cereal bar in Times Square that will serve cereal delicacies such as Rice Krispies with green tea powder and fresh strawberries.

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Take a look at what's inspiring us around the studio this week!

Looking for a pop of color? For the second year, the seasonal Pantone Café has set up shop in Monaco. Diners can experience a bold color-coded menu featuring items named after its color or ingredients.

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IKEA paved the way but they've been getting some new competition. Here are five of the top flat-pack furniture companies that aren't IKEA.

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by Jade Lu

In the recent years, there has been a noticeable rise in ad campaigns built on the idea of empowerment, specifically marketed towards Millennial women and Gen Z girls.

Perhaps the most iconic ad campaign that many people are familiar with is the Always Like A Girl campaign, which debuted in 2014. The #LikeAGirl campaign focused on combatting gender stereotypes and turned the phrase, “Like A Girl,” which was previously seen as an insult into an empowering message. Always found that girls were likely to experience a decline in confidence during puberty, and used this concept as the basis of their campaign, featuring girls pre and post-puberty. This wildly successful campaign not only succeeded in empowering girls and women, but also saw an increase in positive association with the phrase “Like A Girl.” Prior to watching the ad, only 19% of 16-24 year olds had a positive association, which rose to 76% after watching the campaign. This Always campaign was especially successful as they hit two demographics, it appeals to Millennial women as they are empowered by the message and most likely relate to it, but also to Gen Z girls as they become familiar with the brand pre-puberty and may continue to recognize the brand, which is effective in increasing brand affinity.

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Happy Friday! Take a look at Red Peak's trends of the week. 

Ladies & Gentlemen is a bar in London that's housed in a former public bathroom.

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Check out what's been inspiring us around the studio this week! 

Motorola imagines what happens to emoji when your phone's screen shatters.

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Red Peak Junior Designer, Aya Kawabata, was named winner of the Young Talent Award at DMY International Design Festival in Berlin. Check out her submission here

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